5G Intelligent A+

5G Intelligent A+ not only furnishes enterprise with benefits of data local breakout, autonomous management of network accessibility, bandwidth, and services, but also adds or drops service packages easily, featuring with three key innovations comprising Virtualized Mobile Edge Computing (vMEC), AR Remote Collaboration, and Enterprise On-Demand Service.

Virtualized Mobile Edge Computing (vMEC)

Meets the requirements of high bandwidth and low latency applications, where demonstrations are composed of the followings.


1. Facial AI Recognition

The robot can immediately identify the face of a person and display his name.

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2. Mobile SNG

The photographed video of a mobile equipment can be displayed immediately at the other one.

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AR Remote Collaboration

Supplies for assistance of the machine maintenance, where the maintenance worker sees the real time information about maintenance procedures with a pair of AR glasses, and asks for help from remote specialist if necessary.

Enterprise On-Demand Service

Offers intelligent network access management, on-demand service, and customized bandwidth allocation according to location, time, service used, and terminal adopted for enterprise customers, where demonstrations are composed of the followings.


2.Location-based Service

The administrator can easily determine the network accessibility of subscribers based on their location immediately via Web GUI.

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3. Service On-Demand

The administrator can easily adjust the service nodes of subscribers immediately via Web GUI.

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